Feast of St. Hilary

Today (January 13) is the feast of St. Hilary (c. 310 – c. 367) Bishop of Poitiers (France) and Doctor of the Church. While there were several men named after him in South LA, there are at least a few from the Vidrine Family with his name. Interestingly, they all descend from the line of Etienne Vidrine dit Lapaise and Victoire Soileau:

Hilaire Vidrine (1824–) son of Etienne Vidrine, Jr. and Caroline Fontenot

Helaire Vidrine (1877–1956) son of Theodule A Vidrine and Octavie Tate

Theodule Helaire “TH” Vidrine (1921–1994) son of Helaire Vidrine and Regina Larose Fontenot