Sainte Livrade


The progenitors of the Vidrine family are believed to be Jehan de Védrines (1534-1601) and his wife Anne Simon (1542-1600) who lived in the city of Sainte Livrade in the region of Agen, France. This is a model of Sainte Livrade in the middle ages, which it would’ve looked like when Jehan and Anne de Védrines lived there.



Several successive generations of Jean Baptiste Lapaise’s family were royal judges and attorneys in the town of Sainte Livrade:

his great grandfather: François de Védrines (1596-1657)

his grandfather: Jean de Védrines (1635-1706)

and his father: Jean Baptiste de Védrines (1673-1746).

Like all the members of his family, Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Vedrines was baptized in this church of Sainte Livrade on May 18, 1712 – the day after he was born.



Jean Baptiste de Vedrines and his wife Anne Simon had several homes in Sainte Livrade and a farm at the nearby community of Lapeze along the Lot River.



The farm in the countryside of Ste. Livrade called Lapeze (or Lapaise) is where Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Vedrines (which he was known by in LA) got his name.

The farm at Lapeze remained the possession of the family of Jean-Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines until it was sold by his nephew, Jean-Baptiste de Védrines some time before 1790, in the midst of the French Revolution.