Vidrine Family in LA

Jean Baptiste Lapaise and Elizabeth de Védrines had six children:

Marie-Jeanne Vidrine married Jean-Baptiste Richaume Soileau

Jean Baptiste Pierre Vidrine married Marie-Josephe Brignac

Agnès Vidrine married (1) Joseph-Barthélomé Rozat and

                                (2) Jean Voualier Ponsony

Perrine Vidrine married Charles Belaire Fontenot

Marie-Anne Vidrine (died in infancy)

Etienne Vidrine, dit Lapaise married Victoire Soileau

Eugénie Vidrine (died in infancy)

478306252All with the name of Vidrine in America today descend from the two sons of Jean-Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines:

Jean Baptiste Pierre Vidrine and Etienne Vidrine, dit Lapaise

vp over mapspacer verticalOnce Jean-Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines died in 1788 at the Opelousas Post (Washington, LA), his two sons remained living there for about eight years. The oldest son, Jean Baptiste Pierre Vidrine homesteaded land to the west in the Prairie known as the Quartier dit Baton Rouge (which would later be named Ville Platte) some time before 1796, although he retained his land at the Opelousas Post. In October of 1803, he sold his land at the Opelousas Post and filed a land claim at the Quartier dit Baton Rouge in February of 1806. His brother Etienne Vidrine soon followed after him, settling on land in September of 1796 next to his brother at the Quartier dit Baton Rouge, which he bought from his father in law, Noel Soileau. He filed a land claim in June of 1807. This move of both sons established the new base of the Vidrine Family and their children in that area.

This is an 1829 survey map of the Ville Platte area superimposed over a contemporary map, showing where the original land grants for Pierre and Etienne Vidrine were located.


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478306252Children of Jean Baptiste Vidrine & Marie-Joseph Brignac:

Pierre Vidrine, Jr.

Lisandre Jean Baptiste Vidrine

Marie Celestine Vidrine

Hyacinthe Vidrine

Florentin Pierre Vidrine, Sr.

Jean-Baptiste Vidrine dit Doisite

Marie Denise Vidrine

Denis Vidrine, Sr.

Joseph Vidrine

Marie Elizabeth Vidrine

Andre Vidrine


Children of Etienne Vidrine dit Lapaise & Victoire Soileau:

Etienne Vidrine, Jr.

Zenon Vidrine, Sr.

Eloise Vidrine

Antoine Vidrine

Louis Vidrine, Sr.

Joseph Vidrine

Jean Baptiste Vidrine

Charles Vidrine

Edouard Vidrine

Augustin Vidrine, Sr.

Victoire Irene Vidrine

Evariste Vidrine

Leon Levi Vidrine, Sr.

478306252The more difficult part:

Tracing the descendants of the girls!

Included are:

Soileau, Rozas, Fontenot, Guillory, Gaudeau, DardeauGarand, LaFleur, BrignacOrtego, Reed, Pitre, and many others!