Pierre de Védrines

Pierre de Védrines was the oldest of the four sons of Jean Baptiste de Védrines and Marie de Raymond. He was born on June 16, 1707 at Sainte Livrade, France and baptized at the church of Sainte Livrade the next week, on June 24, 1707.


Like his siblings, he spent time growing up in the city of Sainte Livrade, at the farm at Lapeze, and at the Chateau Doisy-Védrines near Barsac. At the age of 27 on March 20, 1735, he married Marie Pinsan from the community of Preignac (near Barsac) at St. Vincent Church in Preignac. They had 13 children. The sacramental records of the baptism of their children seem to indicate that while the primary domicile of Pierre and Marie – and  most probably his place of work – continued to be Sainte Livrade, they spent a good amount of time at the Chateau in Barsac and with Marie’s family at Preignac. According to Jackie Vidrine’s research, Pierre continued the work of several generations of his family as an avocat en la cour (Védrines-Vidrine: Our Vidrines in France, p. 132). Also, like his younger brother Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines, Pierre entered military service of the King and is listed as Capitaine de la Garde Cotes in 1747 and 1757 (Védrines-Vidrine: Our Vidrines in France, p. 133).

After the death of his parents (his father, Jean Baptiste in 1746, and his mother, Marie in 1764), Pierre inherited the home in Sainte Livrade and farm at Lapeze as well as the Chateau Doisy-Védrines at Barsac. He and Marie had likewise inherited her family’s property in Preignac. Pierre died at the age of 66 on November 2, 1773 at Barsac and was buried in St. Vincent Church of Barsac the next day.


Pierre and Marie’s children would be the last generation of children of the Védrines family (of the line of Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines) born in France (with the exception of his great grandson, Henri, who immigrated to Louisiana).