Thanks for a great Reunion celebrating the 275th Anniversary!

Thanks to all for a tremendous Vidrine Family Reunion for the 275th Anniversary!!! It was the most well attended one so far! The Ville Platte Civic Center was filled with Vidrine descendants from Ville Platte and the surrounding area, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, Pointe Coupee, Texas, Tennessee, California, Washington (State) and France! Frédéric de Védrines was able to join us, representing the de Védrines family in southwest France. After a brief presentation by Fr. Jason Vidrine, a toast was made by all present to Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Vedrines in honor of the 275th anniversary of his arrival, to his descendants in the Vidrine Family, to the Vedrines Family in France, and to the memory of Jackie Vidrine and her tremendous genealogical work with Chateau Doisy-Vedrines wine given by the Chateau’s Proprietor Olivier Casteja. Musicians Randy Vidrine and Zachary Fuselier – both descendants of the Vidrine Family – played a few Cajun music songs. Thanks to all who made it possible and all who attended! Click this link to view a collection of photos of the Reunion.