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Early Cajun Musician Mayeus Lafleur

Last month, I posted about the Cajun musician Leo Soileau, who descends from Jean Bapstiste Lapaise de Vedrines and Marie de Mocharvaux’s oldest child, Marie Jeanne de Vedrines (1761-1812) and her husband Jean Baptiste Richaume Soileau 1752-1854) through their son, Godefroy Soileau Sr. I recently discovered that his partner and

War of 1812

  This post on Facebook today reminded me of the Vidrines who served in the War of 1812, just a few years after Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Vedrines died (1788)…and after his two sons claimed land at the Quartier dit Baton Rouge, which was Ville Platte (1806-1807)…and the same year that Louisiana

Children of the Orphan Train

I had a great visit to the LA Orphan Train Museum in Opelousas yesterday. Many from the Vidrine Family opened their hearts and lives to children through the Orphan Train’s foster care and adoption program in the early 1900’s. The orphan children were born in New York City and came