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New Orleans Founded on this Date!

The City of New Orleans was founded on this date in 1718. French immigrants Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville named the new settlement for Philippe II, the Duke of Orléans. Jean-Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines (the progenitor of all Vidrines in LA) was born just a few years earlier (1712) in

Leo Soileau Featured!

There is a great post by Wade Falcon about Leo Soileau (1904-1980). Leo Soileau descends from Jean Bapstiste Lapaise de Vedrines and Marie de Mocharvaux’s oldest child, Marie Jeanne de Vedrines (1761-1812) and her husband Jean Baptiste Richaume Soileau 1752-1854) through their son, Godefroy Soileau Sr. Click the photo below


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