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Merlin Fontenot, Rest in Peace

This week, another giant of Acadiana’s Cajun French Music tradition was buried. I was surprised to learn that like other Cajun Music greats, Leo Soileau and Mayeus LaFleur, he descends from the Noel Soileau family like them, and has a close connection to one branch of the Vidrine Family. Merlin’s

Vidrine and Védrines in Stats

This is an interesting website. It looks like it collects public information and produces statistics. These are the Vidrine name’s stats. It’s interesting that it shows an “American” name, that is, that it’s prevalent in the US. Of course, Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines came to LA from France before

Feast of St. Hilary

Today (January 13) is the feast of St. Hilary (c. 310 – c. 367) Bishop of Poitiers (France) and Doctor of the Church. While there were several men named after him in South LA, there are at least a few from the Vidrine Family with his name. Interestingly, they all descend