Feast of St. Ambrose

Today (December 7) is the feast of St. Ambrose (340-395) Bishop of Milan (Italy). While st-ambrosethere were several men named after him in South LA, there are at least a few from the Vidrine Family with his name. Interestingly, they all descend from the line of Antoine Vidrine and Josephine Ortego:

Ambroise E Vidrine (1867–1940) son of Emile Vidrine, Sr. and Felonise Sylvester

Ambroise Joseph Vidrine (1873–1939) son of Joseph Valerin Vidrine and Zelima Doucet

Antoine Ambroise Vidrine Sr. (1903–1981) son of Ambroise Joseph Vidrine and Celestine Dupre.

Antoine Ambroise “Brama Jo” Vidrine Jr. (1926–1979) son of Antoine Ambroise Vidrine, Sr. and Alice Fontenot

Ambrose Clayton Vidrine (Living) son of Curly Vidrine and Thelma Perry (grandson of Ambroise E Vidrine, above)