The Peoria Tribe of Indians

What a joy to visit the headquarters of the Peoria Tribe of Indians in Miami, Oklahoma, which the Kaskaskia Tribe joined with in the 1800’s! Unfortunately, there are no more living Kaskaskia descendants but the ones with mixed heritage like us (the Vidrine Family) who descend from Marie Rouensa.
The first Chief listed in the Peoria Tribe history book is Rouensa, our great grandfather! One of the contemporary Chiefs of the Peoria Tribe with Kaskaskia heritage was Louis Myers. He passed away a few years ago. I wish I could’ve met him!
I was able to visit with two ladies at the Trading Post who are members of the Peoria Tribe but didn’t think they had Kaskaskia roots.
For more info about how the Kaskaskia Tribe joined the Peoria Tribe or how they got to Miami, OK, clink these links:…