Though a little romanticized, this is an image of an Officer of the French Marines painted in France in 1754 – the same year that Jean Baptiste Lapaise de Védrines was serving as an Officer of the French Marines at the Fort de Chartres in Illinois. This title “Officer of the French Marines” would be used to identify him in LA Civil and Sacramental records throughout his life as well as after his death. These are just a few of the records that use it in various ways:

“oficier d’un compagnie detaché de la Marine”
Fr. Forget, JBLV and Elisabeth Marriage record (12 October 1758)

“Officier des troupes detaché de la Marine aux Illinois”
Purchase of Lot from Francois Henet (17 November 1760)

“officier reformé des troupes de la Marine en cette colonie”
Fr. Irenee, Perine Vidrine Baptism record (20 August 1765)

“Ancien officier infanterie”
Pierre Boré, Procuration (2 September 1765)

“officer reformé des troupes de cette colonie”
Fr. Irenee, Marie Anne Vidrine Baptism record (17 July 1768)

“officer reformé des troupes de la Marine”
Fr. Irenee, Etienne Vidrine dit Lapaise Baptism record (5 August 1770)

“Ancien officier reformé”
de Clouet, Land Record (29 May 1779)

“Ancien officier reformé”
Nicholas Forstall, Inventory of goods (14 January 1788)

“oficial reformado”
Fr. Joseph de Arezena, Funeral Record (16 January 1788)

“ancien officier au service de sa Majeste le Roi de France”
Fr. Barrière, Victoire Vidrine Baptism Record (8 November 1815)
Fr. Barrière, Elisabeth de Moncharvaux Funeral Record (7 September 1816)